Hurricane Express wants to help your personal trucking company grow!

Haul Freight for Hurricane and help your trucking company maximize its potential! We do whatever it takes to see that our owner operator driver pay is the highest possible and that hometime requests are honored. We do this by shopping the freight market and partnering with other carriers who both need our capacity and are willing to pay for your quality owner operation.



"There are many companies out there in the transportation industry that promise us drivers a path to success but fail to meet such obligation. Hurricane Express is cut from a different cloth. The path to a rewarding career has been illuminated, allowing me to succeed beyond my expectations. The entire team is here to offer support when needed and the tools necessary to obtain your goals. Success is a certainty here, if you're willing to earn it. My grattitude will always be theirs.
Damian Williams


“The ability of the lease owner-operators to choose the colors they want has a very positive impact on recruiting, It’s fun hearing the drivers describe how they want their dream truck to look, and we work to help them achieve that goal.”
Stephanie Freeman, Senior Recruiter at Hurricane Express