Clean Driver Inspections Level I, II or III

The process is simple after a driver passes a level I, II or III DOT inspection (with absolutely no violations discovered), then he or she can submit a copy of the inspection to their DM.  The DM will forward the inspection report to Deborah or Steve Inman.  After Deborah or Steve verifies that the inspection does not contain any violations, they will give the approval to the DM to issue a $200 or $100 Express Code to the driver. A driver must follow the parameters listed: • Logs must be current to last change of duty status. • A driver must be in compliance will all Hurricane Express or Shannon Homes policies. • A driver must be compliance of all FMCSR. Points of Emphasis: • Brake components ◦ Proper brake lining thickness ◦ No air leaks (with air supplied to truck or trailer, with brakes applied or released) ◦ No rubbed, chafed, pinched or otherwise damaged airlines ◦ No loose, broken, malfunctioning or leaking brake chambers • Air bags – all properly inflated with no leaks • Wheel ends – no visible oil leaks (outside or inside wheels) • Tires – proper inflation, no flat spots, at least 4/32nds of tread on steer axle and 2/32nds of tread at all other positions, no audible air leaks, no visible cuts, no exposed metal cords • Lights – all lights working properly ◦ Required clearance lights ◦ High and low beam headlights on both sides ◦ Turn signals at all 4 corners ◦ Brake lights on truck and trailer ◦ Auxiliary clearance lights ◦ ABS light • Mud flaps – properly secured and not damaged • Fire extinguisher properly secured and fully charged (with needle in green area) • Permits – all permits current (especially insurance, tractor registration, trailer registration, tractor annual inspection & trailer annual inspection) • Spare fuses • Safety triangles • Windshield – no cracks and free of obstructions • Radar detectors – not allowed in CMVs • Fuel caps on tractor and trailer and DEF cap on tractor properly secured with no leaks • No fuel leaks from tanks or lines • No coolant leaks • No excessive oil leaks • 10 tight lug nuts on each wheel • No cracks in wheels • All 4 slider pins on trailer slider fully locked and engaged • Hours of Service ◦ Driver must have sufficient on-duty time every day for a proper pre and post trip inspection ◦ Driver must be on duty when performing work such as fueling and checking in at a customer ◦ No 8 hr, 11 hr, 14 hr or 70 hr violations in past 8 days ◦ Record of duty status must be current ◦ All previous days must be certified ◦ All PC time (off duty driving) must be legitimate and reasonable All receipts and paperwork in the truck must match the hours of service. When a driver discovers any violations or malfunction on the tractor or trailer while preforming a pre-trip or post trip inspection, they must report the violations to maintenance before operating any equipment.


Call Hurricane: 844-218-3819

Hurricane Express runs low emission equipment and which enables drivers to average over 8 mpg. We also have the most up to date safety control systems. Our trucks include automatic braking and stability control to protect our drivers. We spec our trucks to be the lightest equipment available with the ability to scale 46,000 lbs which enables you to the most bang for your buck while driving. We also take care of your trailer washouts, lumpers and routed tolls.


Call Hurricane: 844-218-3819

We have a 15,000-square-foot shop with some of the best mechanics on hand to handle all of your truck and trailer maintenance needs. Our accommodating office building was designed with our drivers in mind. It has a large lounge, Wi-Fi, a 50” flat screen with cable, nice shower, two washers, and two dryers that can be used for free by our drivers. We also take care of your trailer washouts, lumpers and routed tolls.

Driver Referral Incentive Program

You can earn up to $2,000* in referral bonus by simply referring a safe and qualified driver applicant to join the Hurricane Express Team! $500 paid to you once the referred driver completes their first turn (A turn being defined as a load out from our yard followed by completion of a return load) $250 paid to you once the referred driver has been with the company 30 days. $250 paid to you once the referred driver has been with the company 6 months. $1,000 paid to you once the referred driver has been with the company 1 year