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Lease to Own a Semi-Truck and Enjoy the Benefits

If you have 30 months of OTR trucking experience and a clean driving record, you could qualify for Hurricane Express, Inc.’s lease-purchase program. Our program allows you to hit the road in a lease-to-own semi-truck. Here’s what is so great about our lease-purchase trucking program:


Get a New Peterbilt Truck Every Three Years

Peterbilt makes exceptional quality trucks that are built to last. When you work with us to get a lease-to-own semi-truck, you can trade in your Peterbilt truck for the newest model every three years. Truck driving coast-to-coast puts wear and tear on even the best-quality tractor trailers, so having a new model before your current one has a chance to wear out will make your job easier and reduce your risk of running into problems on the road.


Potential to Rack up the Miles

When you are paid by the mile, you want to drive as many as you can. When you sign up for Hurricane’s lease-purchase program, you have the potential to drive more than 3,000 miles per week. That adds up to a heftier paycheck for you. When you add in the bonuses and incentives, you could use the program to increase your earning potential significantly.


Monetary Incentives and Bonuses

When you get your lease-to-own semi-truck, you also get a variety of incentives and bonuses. Your first tank of fuel is free, and you get two free truck payments per month. Referring other drivers to our program can also earn you a big bonus. You also get a bonus each year just for being loyal to our company and staying in the program.

The paycheck is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are starting careers in trucking. Hurricane Express allows you to earn a fantastic living on the road while also letting you own your own truck.


See the Country Coast to Coast

If you love to travel, our lease-purchase program is for you. With our company, you can carry coast-to-coast loads and take in the beauty of the US landscape – and get paid for it!

Get paid to travel and own your own semi-truck when you sign up for the lease-purchase program at Hurricane Express, Inc. Our drivers are treated as a family – and we want you to be a part of it!