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Articles from the Best Lease-to-Own Trucking Company in the Industry

When it comes to lease-to-own truck driving jobs, Hurricane Express is the best. We work hard to provide our drivers with the opportunity not only to own their own truck but to further their career and earn safety incentives and bonuses. We also want to provide you with a wealth of information about semi-truck leasing, truck driving, and more. We’ve provided these articles as informative and interesting reading material for both drivers and customers alike. If you are interested in this industry, you should check out our resources below.



Contact us today for the opportunity to work with the best lease-to-own trucking company in the industry. If you are a safe driver with some experience on the road, we want to give you the opportunity of a lifetime to further the career you love and see the country in your own truck. Hurricane Express, Inc. offers you the opportunity to travel the country from coast-to-coast.